Monday, February 3, 2020

Lock In at Leeroy's

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Lock in at Leeroy's Esports
Join us at Leeroy's Esports and fellowship with our friends from Friendswood Friends Church and from Friends Community Angelton.

More Details to come Please let us know what games you want to play when you sign up.

Leeroy's is located at 221 Parking Way suite b, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Here are some things about the venue (Leeroy’s) that you might find helpful in helping you determine what you want to bring:

  • We have three “stations” with Switch consoles hooked to 55” TVs. We don’t have a lot of switch games, but we do have some of your typical party games for switch. We have the latest Jack Box games (supports a bunch of people playing using their phones). We have a bomb defusing game called “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”, and a few other games that support lots of players. We have Smash Ultimate and Mario Kart for all three stations (we also have the adapters for hooking up old Gamecube controllers for those crazy smash people). These stations are in the main gaming area and could be easily reconfigured to hook up different consoles if you guys wanted to bring some of your own stuff.
  • We have a long table with 10 Xboxes. All of the Xboxes have Game Pass. At the moment we’ve got about 50 games installed on each Xbox. If you guys can, browse the titles at that link and let me know of any that you would like to play. I’ll get the word out to the staff and they can have everything ready to go. The Xbox stations are designed to be played by one person per station. They each have their own 27” monitor. But if two people wanted to gang up and screen share or something, that’s possible.
  • We have 30 PCs that all have quite a few different games installed on them. We use license pools for most of the popular games. We generally have somewhere around 5 licenses (that we own) that can be pulled from the pool and used by people who don’t have their own licenses. People that have their own licenses can login with their own information and leave our licenses for the people that don’t have their own. Having said that, it we wanted to have a big Modern Warfare or Siege (or whatever) tournament, we’d need a good portion of the people playing to have their own accounts (licenses) since we only have a few of our own. This is only a limitation on the PCs, the Xboxes we could play all 10 on the same game at the same time.
  • The party room isn’t huge, but it’s definitely got enough room to setup some tables for food and drinks and seating for 10 or 15 people. It’s a somewhat separate from the main gaming area and more brightly lit, so it could be used for setting up table games or for socializing, etc. It has a TV on the wall that can be used for just about anything. We could hook a computer up to it and let people watch Netflix or live TV or whatever.
  • We have a small room setup as a streaming studio. It has a nice camera and microphones for two people. It has a green screen and a computer setup with OBS. So, if we had some enterprising young people that wanted to live stream some of the action to twitch (or whatever) that is doable.
  • The main gaming area has a sound system with two wireless mics. We also have a 4K projector that can be used to broadcast just about anything. We’ve never actually tried karaoke, but I’m pretty sure these things could be setup for it with minimal effort.

This place is a gamer’s paradise, HOWEVER, there’s not a ton of room inside to spread out and do things that aren’t gaming related.

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