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Northshore Friends Church and its members seek to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth. We believe that our worship is enhanced through musical praise. Toward that end we seek the talent of a keyboard player.


The keyboardist/pianist accompanies all congregational singing largely out of a songbook, supplemented by similar style sheet music. Occasional accompaniment of soloists or musical groups may be required.  The keyboardist/pianist is expected to arrive at Northshore Friends Church prepared for Sunday morning worship. Generally, the musical numbers to be used are provided earlier in the week if at all possible.  Keyboardist/pianist will play a postlude.  They may prepare special music and work with the pastor to include it in service if desired.  Extra duties may be required on or near Christmas, Lenten, or Easter, or other holiday seasons.  Holiday services may vary in length or number of songs sung or incidental music. 



The position of keyboardist/pianist is a part time at will position.  This is a stipend only position.  It is paid at the rate of $50 per Sunday of utilization.


Due to the nature of this position it is possible the keyboardist/pianist may appear on any live stream worship services and consent is required as a condition of employment. .


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